Where’s Cyprus?

Cyprus is an island in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, and if you don’t know what I’m talking about, (I didn’t myself) it’s that island surrounded by Turkey, Syria and Lebanon.

About a month ago Cyprus Excursion contacted us and wrote a nice piece on Oreeko.com – click here to read. They were the first company in Cyprus to join Oreeko.com – Eco Directory and we are very happy to have them onboard.

Before then, I really never thought of Cyprus as a sustainable and responsible touristic destination. So it got me curious and I wanted to share with you what I discovered about sustainable tourism in Cyprus and who is behind Cyprus Excursion.

Sustainable, Responsible and Eco Tourism in Cyprus


Location of the island of Cyprus | Oreeko.com

1. Who is Cyprus Excursions?

Cyprus Excursion offers private jeep safari excursions in Cyprus, corporate team building activities and cooperates with those local partners to support, develop and promote sustainable tourism in Cyprus. The concept is to develop a network of agricultural, bio, organic, green, eco, natural, educational and sustainable partners to offer “sustainable excursions” within these area’s for tourists.

The sustainable excursions include visits to natural locations such as; waterfalls, dams and gorges and a cooperation to support local businesses.

Eco Travel Cyprus | Oreeko.comResposibleTourism Cyprus | Oreeko.com

2. Who’s the face behind the company and why do you support responsible tourism?

My name is Zuzana Jandova and I was involved in sustainable tourism practices during my studies at Wageningen University in the Netherlands. I further decided to write my masters thesis on the subject of “Sustainable Tourism Development in Mykonos”, Greece in 2010. I came to Cyprus 5 years ago and sustainable tourism was only a term I could read about in the national tourism strategy of Cyprus. Although the organisations in Cyprus were conducting some projects, my perception was that a focus on sustainability is not receiving the awareness from the general public.

Once I started to cooperate with local partners such as agrotourism accommodations, wineries, organic shops, botanical and herb gardens, activity parks, animal parks and educational projects, I started to receive a huge amount of support and interest from them. I believe that Cyprus can be visible and promoted nationally as a sustainable destination.

Zuzana J, Cyprus Excursion | Oreeko.comZuzana J, Cyprus Excursion | Oreeko.com

3. What’s the current situation with sustainable & responsible tourism in Cyprus?

The sustainable tourism in Cyprus is supported by organisations such as Cyprus Tourism Organisation, Cyprus Sustainable Tourism Initiative which is in cooperation with the Travel Foundation UK. However, there is a wide network of partners on the island which promotes their local businesses or services separately.

Sustainable Tourism Cyprus | Oreeko.com

4. What are your plans for Cyprus Excursion?

You will have a chance to see new features on the website (more info here) shortly, which will show an easy visual way to plan your private trip.

Cyprus Excursions | Oreeko.comGreen Travel Cyprus | Oreeko.com

Thank you very much Zuzana for being our guest. Wish you the best!

Ciao for now and see you on our next interview!

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