We all want a spotlessly clean home, but is this an achievable goal without using aggressive, chemical-laden cleaning solvents? The answer is yes! All you have to do is go through your cupboards and pantry – you are very likely to find all the products required for a quality, chemical-free clean-up of your home.

The five products we have listed below are efficient in removing stains and grime from a variety of surfaces and will spare you the allergic reactions and rashes. Once you give them a try, you will forget about all conventional toxic cleaners.


Going Green at Home: 5 Non-Toxic Cleaners

Going Green at Home: 5 Non-Toxic Cleaners


Lemon Juice

Lemons are said to give your immune system a boost, making you more resistant to diseases. Yet, this is hardly the only advantage they have to offer. Lemons smell exceptionally fresh and since they are acidic, they are highly regarded for their antiseptic and antibacterial properties. This renders them extremely effective in cleaning a variety of surfaces. Lemons act as natural degreasers but you can also use their juice to clean copper cookware or grind the fruit’s rinds in your garbage disposal to keep the nasty smell at bay. Also, if you put lemon juice on your white linen and hang them outside to dry in the sun, you are guaranteed to remove stubborn stains as lemon also poses as a natural bleaching agent.

Baking Soda

We all know soda is predominantly used in baking (hence the name) as it serves as a leavening agent. However, the powdery substance has a number of other applications. The good news is baking soda is the key ingredient in many home-made cleaning detergents. You can use it to unclog your drains and eliminate unpleasant odours in your fridge or oven. Also, if you fill a pot with several inches of hot water and add two to three tablespoons of baking soda, you can effectively remove all burnt-on food from the pot’s bottom without having to it scrub it violently. Just allow the mixture to simmer on your hob for about twenty minutes. Baking soda is also said to clean soiled carpeting and is surprisingly effective in removing grime from grout.

White Vinegar

Vinegar, too, is highly recommended as a powerful cleaning agent, especially when combined with baking soda. In fact, the two often go together. You can prepare an all-purpose vinegar cleaner in a matter of minutes. For the purpose, you will need only an old spray bottle, several table spoons of white vinegar, three cups of purified water, and two to three teaspoons of baking soda. You are guaranteed to get all stains off your carpeting, but the mixture can also be used to disinfect bathroom and kitchen surfaces. Just steer clear of scrubbing marble with vinegar. The latter is highly acidic and you might end up etching your expensive marble sink.


Glycerol, which also goes by the name glycerine is a great alternative for those of you who wish to swap toxic cleaning solvents for something less dangerous, but equally effective. Glycerol is a simple organic compound and comes in the form of an odourless, viscous and colourless liquid which makes it perfect for removing a wide range of stains from your clothing. You can use it to clean lipstick, coffee, mustard and berry stains from your laundry. City CarpetCleaners Hamsptead suggests glycerol can also be used to remove wax drippings from your candlesticks – all you have to do is soak a cotton ball with this viscous liquid and rub the surface until it’s sufficiently clean.

Essential Oils

Implement essential oils in your cleaning routine and say goodbye to allergic reactions, rashes and shallow breathing. Prepping up your very own cleaner is exceptionally easy and quick. The ingredients you will need are about half a cup of liquid Castile soap, two tablespoons of baking soda, several tablespoons of white vinegar and about three teaspoons of your favorite essential oil. We personally prefer lavender and lemon balm but the choice is yours to make. Mix the ingredients in a spray bottle and you’re done. If this fails to clean your oven, we don’t know what will!

Common household staples like those we have listed above are all very effective when implemented in your cleaning routine. This will not only render your cleaning ritual chemical free and 100% safe, but will also turn your household chores into pure pleasure.

The article is contributed by Daisy from City CarpetCleaners Hamsptead.

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