Does your fashion compass vanish in winter? Mine does – and something tells me I’m not alone! But no more textureless gray and blacks! For February’s “Eco Look” I’m breaking all the rules. Let’s anticipate spring with a seventies-inspired look using an exclusive selection of eco, organic, vegan and ethical clothes, and accessories. What I like best about this look is that each piece is perfect both for night & day!

The Look

February Eco Look - Spring in Winter via

The List

1. Bracelets by Raven + Lily. Handmade with recycled silver, copper, and brass beads (melted down from bullet casings). Empowering women with HIV living near the Entoto Mountain in Ethiopia.

Asmir: Triangle Wrap Bracelet in Gold or Silver // Adera: Bird Charm Bracelet in Gold or Silver


2. Coat by Vaute Couture – the Belden in V/Velveteen-Lilac . This coat is very flexible, it doesn’t need a scarf and it can also be opened up for that classic trench look. It’s made from recycled fibers, with a windproof liner to cut out all the chill. And with a color like that, everyone will love you a bit more!


Belden in V/Velveteen-Lilac recycled fiber coat by Vaute Couture via


3. Tights by Wear Pact. The Women’s Autumn Orchid Arrow Tights are made of 69% organic cotton, so there’s no pesticides, fertilizers or bleaches. Plus with every purchase, you help PACT lend a hand to low-income entrepreneurs who want to start their own small businesses. (The tights are in Radiant Orchid – Pantone Color of the Year 2014).


Women’s Autumn Orchid Arrow Tights made from organic cotton by WearPact via


4. Bag by Freedom of Animals. Melia is the perfect bag for a day-to-night look with detachable shoulder strap. It’s made of post consumer, cruelty-free and eco faux leather and it’s vegetable dyed with an organic cotton lining.


Bag by Freedom of Animals. Made of post consumer, cruelty free and eco-faux leather. It’s vegetable dyed with an organic cotton lining. via


5. Dress by Beautiful Soul. The label is committed to a conscious approach to fabric sourcing, environmental impact and local, UK-based production which supports the regeneration of UK manufacturing and textiles. The dress is sold also on Shop Ethica.


Chika Shirt Dress by Beautiful Soul via


6. Hat by Mich Dulce sold by Yoox. It’s made of 100% T’nalak, a handmade natural fiber made by the women of the T’Boli Peoples of Lake Sebu, Philippines.


MICH DULCE Hat made from 100% natural fibers via
7. Shoes by Vegetarian Shoes. (Featured shoe: Ashley shoe) These guys run an animal-friendly & cruelty-free footwear company in England using high-tech breathable micro-fibre.


Ashley Shoe (Navy Blue) by Vegetarian Shoes via


Did you like February’s Eco Look? Tell me which of these pieces you love the most & why.
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  1. Oh I love this, I just brought out two spring/summer dresses because I just am tired of sweaters and heavy trousers, leggings all of the time. I wore my recycled sari maxi dress with thick tights and winter boots on a date Saturday night. And my organic cotton mini dress with vegan leather leggings, a wool sport jacket and vintage combat boots earlier this week. I think if it is not too cold and you layer you can rock the Spring in Winter look, no problem. Thanks for the post!

  2. Wonderful Tereneh! Bringing Spring in winter is definitely possible! 🙂

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