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Oreeko is a green global community with a Directory of eco & green businesses worldwide, growing by the day with currently 4,000+ eco companies. I hope that you can discover them, support them & make your life and that of your family more eco-friendly. Each company is manually & methodically searched for & handpicked with love to ensure it offers products or services that are:

Organic + Eco-friendly + Green + Ethical + Sustainable + Fair Trade



My name is Susie {aka Ms. Eco}, founder of Oreeko.com & Ciao Eco Lifestyle! My transition into a healthier lifestyle began after suffering from endometriosis {stage 4} – a very painful, depressing & debilitating illness. After undergoing 7 surgeries to ‘cure’ the problem, things weren’t good. It took years, a lot of research, experimentation, understanding & passion. Life started getting much better & a new universe opened up.

After discovering the world of all things eco & organic, I also started to embrace the philosophy behind slow living. I totally changed my lifestyle, my diet adding mostly organic + local food, I’ve been a vegetarian since 2009 & I reduced the daily sources of hidden harmful chemicals in cosmetics & home cleaning products.

I love exploring recent ethical fashion trends & I’m always on the lookout for the next amazing place to get lost in & I see words & numbers in color (yes, it’s weird & I know it).

 Susie - Oreeko Eco Living 


Oreeko is my way of bringing my experiences to benefit others. A labor of love born from a personal necessity to easily find & support eco businesses worldwide.

It’s not just a directory, it’s a green community. I want to connect the people & companies by building a community of green minded folks that benefit from the added exposure & from connecting to each other.

Visitors can use it to find the green alternatives to any product or service imaginable. Businesses can use it to get exposure & connect with highly targeted customers.

Oreeko’s mission is to do the work for the you, without wasting time trying to search endlessly for green companies & figuring out if a company is really green or not.

Oreeko - Eco DirectoryI want to help the ever-growing number of eco-conscious people improve their lives and our Planet, one little step at a time by easily finding businesses that offer organic, eco-friendly and sustainable products & services.

Oreeko - Eco DirectoryBy collecting in one place all the players of this niche, it’s easier to get found. I’ll will give voice even to the smallest company out there, because even the tiniest company offering organic, eco-friendly & green products deserves to be seen & grow.

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Oreeko’s past & present collaborations & partnerships with the following eco, green & organic brands, businesses & organizations:

Oreeko's collaborations and partnerships - Oreeko.com 
Oreeko's collaborations and partnerships - Oreeko.com 



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