San Francisco a city in the beautiful northern California known for its colorful Victorian houses and famous for the majestic Golden Bridge Gate. This eclectic city full of pizzazz, color and flavor offers a great selection of healthy organic dining locations for vegans, vegetarians, and meat lovers.


8 ORGANIC RESTAURANTS & CAFES IN San Francisco, California -


8 Organic Restaurants & Cafes in San Francisco – California

The Plant Cafe Organic - San Fransisco | Oreeko1. The Plant
California cuisine and Asian-inspired flavors with 100% organic and local ingredients. The produce is seasonal from around the bay area, often picked only days before being served. The poultry is free range and organic and seafood wild/sustainable.  Almost everything served is made from scratch to ensure freshness and quality.

5 Locations around SF.


Millennium Restaurant via oreeko2. Millennium Restaurant

Since 1994 Millennium has been committed to providing fresh, innovative vegan cuisine. Working with small farms, their menu changes constantly to showcase the finest local, sustainable and organic produce at its peak.


Mixt Greens SF via oreeko3. Mixt Greens

An Eco-Gourmet restaurant that serves environmentally responsible fine food. They source quality ingredients from locations close to the restaurant. They are adamant on working with purveyors that are as passionate about sustainable practices as they are—to provide food as good for you as it is for the Earth.


Radio-Africa-Kitchen-San-Francisco |Oreeko4. Radio Africa & Kitchen

RADIO AFRICA & KITCHEN is a restaurant with sustainable products & methods. The food is inspired by recipes of the Mediterranean & Red Sea countries. Their goal is to create extraordinary meals out of organically grown ordinary ingredients while creating a nutritionally well-balanced dinner by including seasonal vegetables, greens, grains, nuts, wild fish, shellfish, and fruit.


Greens Restaurant SF via oreeko5. Greens Restaurant

Greens Restaurant is an organic vegetarian restaurant in San Francisco and home to more than 50 non-profit cultural and environmental organizations. It’s located at historic Fort Mason Center in a former machine shop, it overlooks the San Francisco Marina with sweeping views of the Golden Gate Bridge and Marin Headlands. 


Gracias Madre SF via oreeko6.  Gracias Madre

Gracias Madre serves organic Mexican cuisine. Their intention is that the emphasis we place on the sourcing of our food will bring consciousness in the community to the importance of sustainability and of buying and selling locally grown organic food.


Bio SF via oreeko7. Bio Cafe

Creperie offering organic, gluten-free locally sourced and made fresh everyday foods. They respect seasonal availability and incorporate fresh produce into the dishes.


Cafe St. Jorge SF via oreeko8. Cafe St. Jorge

A Portuguese-inspired cafe located in San Francisco, California. They provide Californian/Portuguese seasonally inspired, organic, and locally sourced cuisine. They also offer a full line of delicious vegan and gluten-free baked goods.


Do you know or have you tried any other great organic restaurants or cafes in San Francisco? I’d love to know. Leave a comment below with your recommendations and suggestions.

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