In my last blog posts, I wrote about eco-friendly activities to enjoy while visiting Washington D.C (click here to read). On this blog post, I’ll highlight little gems around the city that are totally free to see without spending a dime.

1. Visit the monuments at sunrise. If you are visiting in winter, it might be a bit cold but it’s totally worth it. Start from Lincoln Memorial and walk down to Capitol Hill. The view is majestic.


Georgetown Washington D.C


Tip: The distance between monuments on the map is misleading; it looks closer than what it actually is. I tried to walk from Capitol Hill all the way to Lincoln Memorial and nearly died. Coming from Rome, I’m used to walking but this was really long, especially if you are tight on time. Make sure to have good shoes, park near a Metrobus, it’s easy and cheap. Better still, use the bicycle service called Capital Bikeshare found throughout the city.


 National Mall in Washington, D.C.Lincoln Memorial - national monumentLincoln Memorial - national monument


2. I always love to look at the local buildings and houses in the countries that we visit. If it’s something that you like to do too, then you’ll surely have fun with all the colors and shapes found in the city and the suburbs. I found out that many of the building called “rowhouses” date back to 1850. See the pictures below.

Tip: Before traveling to your destination, why not read on the history of the architecture? It’s a fun way to better understand the city and it’s origin.


Washington D.C rowhousesWashington D.C Architecture and George Washington StatueWashington D.C Architecture


3. I managed to make a quick run to the National Gallery of Art. Magnifique! In addition to the gallery, they host tours, film programs, concerts and lectures throughout the year. They are open to the public and free of charge.

Tip: I highly recommend taking a map of the museum upon arrival. It will help you navigate the museum in an orderly manner. In addition, you will have your bags checked by security upon entering the museum.


National Art Gallery - Washington,D.C.Lady Paiting Vincent van Gogh - Roses 1890 and Spring (Study of Jeanne Demarsy) - Edouard Manet 1882Vincent van Gogh - Self-Portrait 1889 and Claude Monet - The Japanese Footbridge 1899Paul Cezanne - Antony Valabregue, 1866 at the National Art Gallery - Washington DC

4. Lastly the beautiful Botanic Gardens. A must see destination. Read more on this blog post here.

 BOTANIC GARDENS – Washington D.C.

Short but sweet indeed! I’d love to go back and try more activities that Washington D.C has to offer, meanwhile, check the blog post on the delicious organic salads by SweetGreens.

What other free activities have you found interesting in Washington D.C.? Let me know by leaving a comment below.



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