DIY‘s on how to recycle and refurbish wooden crates is so common and easy to find in our days. While I was scrolling through my Pinterest boards I realized that I had gathered a huge amount of cool pins on how to spice up wooden crates. I always fancied the idea of having wooden crates as part of a rustic, farm-like home decor. Here is a list of the best 10 examples I have found so far.

“How to Recycle Wooden Crates for a Unique Home Decor”

1. This dreamy vintage wooden crate stole my heart immediately. Wouldn’t you love to refurbish a vintage crate and use it as  a coffee table tray? {via Dreamy Whites}

Vintage Wooden Crate by dreamywhiteonline |

2. Different sizes and colors of wooden crates. Some are positioned vertically other horizontally to give some movement to the wall. I love the contrast with the dark blue wall and grungy furniture {via Home Polish}


3. Using wooden crates as jewelry exhibition displays is brilliant. By applying hooks, it’s perfect for hanging necklaces {via coco+kelley}

cocokelley via oreeko

4.  I love how they used these crates as an overall decor: lights, seats and a vase. They combined all these elements so well without making it overwhelming. {via The Crate People} – they sell refurbished wooden crates.

The Crate People via oreeko

5. Another great example by {The Crate People}. They personalized the crates and used them as vases. They specialize in repurposing vintage crates to create furniture and displays.

The Crate People via oreeko

6. These vintage apple crates have been turned into a shoe shelving system. {via HousetoHome}

Vintage apple crates have been turned into a shoe shelving system in the dressing room by housetohome via

7.  Adding a wall made entirely of wooden crates is fantagaloric. Recreating a farmers market feel in the home is perfect. Maybe not all vegetables can be displayed like this, but why not fruits, flowers, and a delicious organic French baguette. {via Green Wedding Shoes}

Wooden Crates by greenweddingshoes |

8. Animal lovers I didn’t forget about you! Upcycled shabby chic country pet bed {via Salvage Shack}

Upcycled Shabby Chic Country Pet Bed by Salvage Shack |

9. I’ve never seen wooden crates used as kitchen shelves, and I must admit … it’s genius! Everything about this outdoor kitchen as the perfect home decor elements to make you feel like you are in a French farmhouse {via Hanna}

Kitchen Wooden Crates Shelves by Hanna |

10. By adding some wheels, the wooden crate became a perfect magazine and blanket storage space and by turning it upright, it becomes a perfect side table {via deas og mia}

Refurbished Wooden Crates by deasogmia |

My favorite is 1 and 7. What about you, which of the 10 options do you like the most? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

P.S Do you want more recycling and refurbishing home decor ideas? Then click here and here.


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  1. We were walking home last weekend and passed by two empty crates. One is now holding a stack of coffee table books next to the couch for a DIY side table, and the other is holding my boots in the bedroom!

  2. That’s fantastic Alden! Please send me a picture, I would love to see them! 🙂 🙂

  3. I loved the example you show by The Crate People! The picture suggests using wooden crate boxes for seating options in your small cafe or restaurant, which I think is so smart! These seats are small enough that you can include a lot of them in your store, however, they are neutral and easy to use so they add a cool, unique aesthetic to the store, too. Do you know if these types of crates are simple enough to make or easy to buy? I will definitely consider this option for my own cafe. Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. Hi Lauren, your cafe sounds amazing! Using crates for the seating area would always need some work done. Since people are going to seat on them, it’s best if they have a good structure and support! You’d need to find very strong crates for that purpose! Let me know how it goes 🙂 🙂

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